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Business Solutions for your Printer Needs and Cartridge requirements


Who are our clients?  Well just about everybody. From personal to Home-Office to SOHO to small, medium or large. Anyone can take advantage of our services. From A-Z, in categories such as Automotive, Building-Home-Construction and Manufacturing, Business Services, Business Networking Groups, Education, Associations and Government Services, Financial Services, Health and Personal Services, Hospitality, Retail and Event services.

Dentists, Doctors, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Medical Centres. Lawyers, Mortgage consultants, Insurance providers, Investment consultants, Real Estate Agents, Sports and Fitness (Health and Wellness).

We especially focus on Healthcare-related and Non-profit organizations.

B2B:We know and understand our business client's printer and cartridge requirements and will work with you to provide you with the best and right solutions to meet your needs, whether you are a home user or small, medium or large user. We can do it all.

Toner cartridges: We know all about toners and how we can help you with them. We will give you advice, make recommendations and allow you to decide which solution fits your budget and your needs.

Ink Refills: We know all about inks too and how we can help you with them as well. We clear the road by educating and advising you about the A-Z on inks and allow you to choose what fits your needs best. After all, if you win so do we as you become another satisfied customer.


Stuff You Should/Need To Know About Cartridges But Were Afraid To Ask…..Tips and Secrets of maintaining your cartridges and great advice on what to buy and what not to buy….

Did you know that storing your ink cartridge in a sealed ziplock-type bag in the fridge while not in use will keep it fresh and you will be able to use it again?

Did you know that toner cartridges last a long time while not in use because unlike ink, which is a fluid and can dry up, toner is a powder and is not affected by the elements.